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This website documents Eiffel-Loop, a collection of software libraries, example programs and tools for the Eiffel programming language. From the projects index below, you can read the documentation and browse the source code for each Eiffel-Loop project. Class indexing notes are formatted with bold, italics, code blocks etc.

Code Metrics

Eiffel-Loop has 3893 classes totaling 8.72 mega-bytes.
Number of routines 21224
External C/C++ routines 1203
Keyword count * 79777
Identifier count * 191285
Identifier + keyword count 271062

Average keyword + identifier count per routine: 13
Percentile ratios of keywords to identifiers: 29% : 71%

* Only keywords and identifiers between do/once and end/ensure are counted. Blocks of code defined by check or debug keywords are not included.

On Github

Eiffel-Loop is hosted on github at


The Eiffel-Loop website is published using the Eiffel-View repository publisher tool found in the Eiffel Development Utility project.

EiffelStudio 20.05

If you would like to support a project to update Eiffel-Loop for the EiffelStudio 20.05 compiler and beyond, please donate what you can to Hex 11 Software. You can follow this project on Eiffel Users forum for details and updates.

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The Developer

Eiffel-Loop is developed and maintained by Finnian Reilly. Finnian has been developing with Eiffel professionally since the year 2000 and started development of Eiffel-Loop around the year 2002. Since then he has been continously polishing these libraries and adding new ones.


The following links list articles about Eiffel-Loop written by Finnian Reilly, as well as general posts about the Eiffel language.


Please address questions and comments to finnian at eiffel hyphen loop dot com


Click on a project link to read the documentation and browse the source code. The number in brackets indicates the class count.



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