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Example: Signal Math Demo of the EROS Protocol

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ECF: signal-math.ecf

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A multi-mode application demonstrating the EROS remote object protocol. The application calculates Fourier transformations based on Greg Lee's Numeric Eiffel Library. It has two client modes and two server modes, accessible via a command line option.

Client Modes

-test_client Sub-application FFT_MATH_CLIENT_TEST_APP

Test client to generate random wave forms and do fourier transforms for 25 seconds

-bext_test_client Sub-application BEXT_CLIENT_TEST_APP

Client to test Binary Encoded XML Transfer (BEXT).

Server Modes

-bext_test_server Sub-application BEXT_CLIENT_TEST_APP

Server to test Binary Encoded XML Transfer (BEXT). Ctrl-c shuts down the server.

-test_server Sub-application FFT_MATH_SERVER_TEST_APP

Single connection test server for fourier math. Ctrl-c shuts down the server.

Installer Mode

-install Sub-application EL_STANDARD_INSTALLER_APP

Installs application with desktop menu options for each mode.

Directory: example/net/EROS/signal-math/source

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Installable version of FOURIER_MATH_CLIENT_TEST_APP


Installable version of FOURIER_MATH_SERVER_TEST_APP