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Download version 1.4.8: Windows or Linux

Language Interface Library: Praat-script

This library has 6 classes.

ECF: eiffel2praat.ecf

Status: No longer maintained

Eiffel interface to the Praat scripting language

Praat is a free tool for doing acoustic and phonetic analysis and has it's own scripting language, Praat-script.

The el_toolkit utility has an option for converting the source code of Praat ver. 4.4 to compile with MSC. (Praat compiles "out of the box" with the mingw compiler, but at the time EiffelStudio didn't support mingw)

Developed with VC++ 8.0 Express Edition, Windows XP SP2, Praat source code version 4.4.30. The conversion tool will not work with later versions of Praat.

NOTE This ECF is for documentation purposes only and will not compile.

Directory: library/language_interface/Praat-script



Invokes Praat analysis engine with the default script


Initializes and tears down the Praat analysis engine


Wraps Praat Interpreter object


Accesses the variables of a Praat script execution context


Wraps a Praat interpreter variable


Interface to C API for sending commands to running instance of Praat.exe