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Download version 1.4.8: Windows or Linux

Network Library: Adobe Flash to Laabhair

This library has 3 classes.

ECF: flash-network.ecf

Status: No longer maintained

Eiffel network interface to Flash ActionScript objects used in the Laabhair digital signal processing framework. This framework allows you to create applications that process speech with a Praat script in real time and create visual representations of the the data using Adobe Flash. Depends on the Eiffel-Loop Praat-script interface library.

Developed on Windows XP SP2 with Flash Professional 8 IDE, EiffelStudio 6.1, VC++ 8.0 Express Edition.

Laabhair was developed at the Digital Media Centre at the Dublin Institute of Technology

Directory: library/network/flash

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. /RPC

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Interface to the Flash GUI. Listens for user commands on a network socket



Makes calls over a network socket to the Flash ActionScript object of type: eiffel_loop.laabhair.LAABHAIR_SERVER_PROXY. Calls to ActionScript objects are encoded with XML as for example:



Flash xml network messenger